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Creating Career Success by Focusing on Social Impact w/OlaHawatmeh

June 22, 2022

Purpose and passion are the driving forces behind any successful business. Many people are fascinated with the possibility of financial gains that come with becoming an entrepreneur. Start-up entrepreneurs are amazed at the overnight success and rags to riches stories they see. The reality is successful entrepreneurs are not driven merely by the desire to make money. Most successful entrepreneurs thrive because they believe in what they are doing and integrate their personal values into their business. 

An entrepreneurial endeavor is not always smooth-sailing. There are challenges that test entrepreneurs' determination to succeed. However, passionate business owners are less likely to experience emotional setbacks and burnout. 

Ola Hawatmeh’s need to create passion and purpose in her life led to her launching Mom Me Makeover.  Ola’s desire was to create a positive impact on the community. Mom Me Makeover is a personal styling company that empowers mothers around the country to embrace their style and build self-confidence. 

Ola also created the successful nonprofit, Makeover for a Cause. As a cancer survivor, Ola helped cancer patients, homeless, and abused women feel better with themselves through a relaxing makeover.  Ola is also the founder of Ola Styles, which is one of the fastest growing Urban-Chic clothing brands. Alive magazine and SBM mentioned Ola as the most influential business woman in the country for starting two profitable enterprises from scratch.

In this episode,  Ola Hawatmeh shares how she juggled business and motherhood, the importance of creating a positive impact as a business owner, and why you should give back to your community. 

Tune in as Ola gives us her strategy and style to becoming a world class business owner. With hosts, wealth manager Lee Michael Murphy and career advisor Sergio Patterson, join this week’s episode of The Free Retiree Show. 


What you’ll learn: 

  • The pursuit of success and money vs the desire create impact
  • How to inspire people and impact your community in a positive way 
  • How to rise above entrepreneurial challenges  
  • Creating and business with no money 
  • The importance of finding your passion and purpose
  • Overcoming personal challenges and setbacks


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