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S1 EP59: Conformity and Women in the Workplace with Jasmine Escalera

April 7, 2021



Women, especially women of color,  are still struggling in the workplace.


No matter how capable or how intelligent a woman is, more often than not they end up facing struggles that their male workmates are not likely to experience. They are seen and treated differently in a way that negatively impacts their career and mental health. These women are then faced with a choice:


Do they stay true to who they truly are and face the challenges that come with their identity?


Or do they conform to the normal of their workplace and try to find success that way?


Dr. Jasmine Escalera is a confidence coach and a career strategist. She has a PhD in Pharmacology and is also a TEDx Speaker. Despite all of these impressive qualifications, she too has faced the struggles that women, especially women of color, all over the world are facing in their workplaces.


In this episode of The Free Retiree Show, Dr. Jasmine talks with wealth manager Lee Michael Murphy, career advisor Sergio Patterson, and attorney Matthew McElroy about conforming to survive in the workplace, and its negative effects. She also shares her thoughts on what can be done to battle the injustices that women continue to experience in their workplaces.

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