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S1 EP71: IT Security: Protecting Your Identity and Finances With Dominic Vogel

June 30, 2021



Despite living in the digital age, cybersecurity is a threat that many of us tend to undermine. Not only can a cyber breach impact you personally, but it could also impact a business you’ve worked hard on. 


Because of government restrictions associated with the Coronavirus pandemic, many employees have taken to working from home or even staying at home. The result has been an increased reliance on technology both at work and at home. 


In 2020, the number of cyberattacks increased 171% compared to previous years. Data also shows that 47% of employees fall for phishing scams while working from home.


People use mobile devices for various reasons and we are prone to cyber-attacks 24/7. Not only is it dangerous, but it will also require maximum time and effort to recover from such attacks. What should we do to protect ourselves and our businesses from these attacks? 


In this week’s episode of The Free Retiree Show, as seen on BBC, Cyber SC Founder and Chief Strategist Dominic Vogel shares the importance of cybersecurity, debunking cybersecurity misconceptions, and more.


With hosts, wealth manager Lee Michael Murphy, career advisor Sergio Patterson, and attorney Matthew McElroy tune in to this week’s episode of The Free Retiree Show.


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