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EPS 61 - What You Need to Know About Cryptocurrency with Linda P Jones

April 21, 2021



Crypto. Bitcoin. Blockchain. NFT. These words have generated headlines in the financial world with people making huge money off of them. People are curious and eager to jump in and throw money at these words to maybe make a quick buck, but what do these words even mean? What are the risks associated with this new asset class? 


Linda P. Jones is the CEO of Be Wealthy & Smart VIP Experience which provides high value investing information, recommendations, and education to their clients. She is also the author of “You’re Already a Wealth Heiress! Now Think and Act Like One: 6 Practical Steps to Make It a Reality Now” which has for a second year, made it to Book Authority’s 100 Best Wealth Books of All Time.


In this episode, Linda discusses with wealth manager Lee Michael Murphy, career advisor Sergio Patterson, and attorney Matthew McElroy the basic idea behind cryptocurrency and answers some of the important questions surrounding it.


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