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Finding Your Fabulous at Work. How to Create More Joy w/Kyle Elliott

August 17, 2022

How frequently do you think about leaving your job? You don't have to love your job, but it shouldn't make you unhappy on a regular basis. If finding happiness at work seems impossible, you may be trapped in a toxic workplace culture or a job that is not a good fit for you.


While some of us may view monetary compensation as equivalent to job satisfaction, others may seek external validation for efforts and become dissatisfied when companies fail to provide it. Having a positive working environment is essential in keeping employees. 


Additionally, maintaining a healthy work-life balance can be challenging. Recognizing the symptoms of stress and anxiety at work and developing strategies to deal with them is essential. Mental health can have a significant impact on an employee’s performance. 


Helping people combat limiting beliefs and advance in their career, Kyle Elliott, MPA, CHES coaches  C-suite executives, business leaders, start-ups, and many more. He has helped direct reports of Mark Zuckerberg (Meta), Reed Hastings (Netflix), and other prominent people reimagine and recreate their careers and lives. As a results-oriented coach, his clients have landed their dream jobs with big companies like Apple, LinkedIn, Paypal, Google, and Amazon. 


In today’s episode, Kyle emphasizes the importance of having a happier working environment. He also shares tips on how to protect your mental health at work. 


Join our hosts, career adviser Sergio Patterson and wealth manager Lee Michael Murphy, in The Free Retiree Show. 


What you’ll learn in the episode:

  • Importance of job satisfaction
  • Tips for being happy at work
  • Importance of mental health in the workplace
  • Signs of a toxic workplace 
  • Factors to consider before letting the job go

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