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Is the Economy Crashing? When Will the Real Estate and Stock Market Recover?

September 21, 2022

With the stock market in disarray, interest rates at record highs, and the pain of inflation, many Americans are wondering if the economy is in a recession. How can we tell if we’re in one? The country is technically in a recession when its GDP decreases for two consecutive quarters. According to the Bureau of Economic Analysis' advanced estimate, GDP fell 1.6% in Q1 and 0.9% in Q2. Despite the overwhelming evidence, the National Bureau of Economic Research has not yet declared a recession. As the cost of living continues to rise, interest rates increase, and layoffs multiply. However, the job market and corporate earnings  numbers appear strong.


There has been a significant slowdown in the real estate market, income and spending are struggling to keep up with inflation, and layoffs have begun to increase. Is the United States in recession?


In the new episode of The Free Retiree Show,  Wealth manager,  Lee Michael Murphy gives the current economic update for September 2022. Discover the risk of a potential economic downturn or recession and how long it will last.  Learn how to stay wise and calm despite the economic weakness. 


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What you’ll learn in this episode: 


  • Is the United States in a recession? 
  • How long will the recession last? 
  • What is the economic update as of September 2022? 
  • How bad is the current market?
  • How to stay calm and wise during this economic period? 

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