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Overcoming Imposter Syndrome & Utilizing Metaphysics w/Jordanna Eyre

August 10, 2022

Do you feel like you don’t deserve that new role? Or that you’re fooling  everyone when you landed the promotion? Feeling like your achievements are due to luck rather than hard work and innate skills? If so, you may be suffering from imposter syndrome. You’re not alone. Approximately 70 percent of the United States population suffers from imposter syndrome.


Imposter syndrome is an overwhelming sense of self-doubt, insecurity, and incompetence despite proof that you are competent and accomplished. The term was first coined in 1970 by the clinical psychologists, Dr. Pauline Clance and  Dr. Suzanne Imes. It commonly arises after someone receives a new career opportunity. 


Imposter syndrome negatively impacts careers. It stops individualsfrom taking on challenges, because they’re worried to reveal that they are not good enough. It causes stress, overwork, and burnout that is detrimental to career growth. Imposter syndrome is difficult to overcome.  But there are ways to lessen these doubts and gain self-awareness to succeed. 

Jordanna Eyre saw that most leaders struggle with finding a sweet spot between impact and fulfillment.Through her framework and Modern Day Sorcerer Methodology,  she has helped seasoned and budding leaders alike how to use the energy in their body. 


In today’s episode, Jordanna Eyre reveals a powerful methodology to banish limiting imposter syndrome beliefs and  instead develop a powerful inner cheerleader. Discover how to consistently be connected to the energy in your body  and level up your leadership skills! 

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What you'll learn: 


* How to overcome imposter syndrome 

* Healing internal wounds through metaphysics

* Becoming the best version of yourself

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