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S1 EP101: How to Become an Effective Leader and Creating a Culture With More Creativity with Jean Marie di Giovanna

January 26, 2022



What makes a great leader? 


Is it their confidence? Their authority? The way they can make employees follow their orders no matter what? 


Or is it patience? The way they care for other employees? Compassion? 


Leadership shapes nations, communities, and organizations.


Leaders are crucial for helping us make large-scale decisions that move the world forward.


It is usually easy to spot a bad leader, but what is the best way to recognize a good one? 


For Jean Marie di Giovanna, being a Renaissance leader is essential to being a great leader. 


Jean Marie is an international keynote speaker, certified executive coach, best-selling author, and more who has helped increase employee engagement, improved communication, and created happier, more productive workplaces.


In this informative episode on The Free Retiree Show, Jean Marie discusses Renaissance Leadership, the importance of curiosity as a skill in leadership, her advice for women who want to become leaders, and more. With hosts, wealth manager Lee Michael Murphy and career advisor Sergio Patterson, tune in to this week’s episode of The Free Retiree Show.


What You’ll Learn:

  • Renaissance Leadership
  • The importance of curiosity as a skill in leadership
  • Advice for women who want to become leaders


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