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S1 EP106: How to Save More Time and Get More Done With AI Automation with Thomas Helfrich

March 2, 2022



Even when the task at hand is important, we can all use a little help sometimes. Artificial intelligence is becoming increasingly popular at work when an extra pair of hands is needed.

Computers can simulate human intelligence using artificial intelligence, or AI, and AI is everywhere. In today's world, artificial intelligence is used in everything from factory automation to self-driving cars.


Among the many applications of AI technology, one of the most promising is in helping business professionals become more productive.


How does AI increase productivity? AI used in the workplace does not mean that you or your team members will be replaced. The goal is to help you to free up some of your time for more interesting and productive tasks. Even though AI tools seem simple, their technology can be very complex.


AI technology comes in many forms, each with its own industry applications. In terms of workplace productivity, these three factors are most critical: Automation, Machine Learning, and Natural Language Processing.


Curious about how to save more time and get more done with AI automation? Join us with CEO Thomas Helfrich as he discusses what AI essentially is, how automation can greatly benefit social presence, and more. With hosts, wealth manager Lee Michael Murphy, career advisor Sergio Patterson, and attorney Matthew McElroy tune in to this week’s episode of The Free Retiree Show.


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