The Free Retiree Show

S1 EP62: Exploring Motives Behind Entrepreneurship with Kevin Miller

April 28, 2021



Staying motivated is one of the biggest hurdles that many business owners encounter.


Entrepreneurship has always been something that requires a lot of effort and perseverance. It starts small, and through consistent effort and strategic planning, grows into a self sustaining machine. It sounds simple, but the actual complexity of business ownership often shaves away at any entrepreneur’s motivation. So why does this happen and what can people do about this?

Kevin Miller is a renowned podcast host of three shows that focus on personal development, Motive, True Life, and The Ziglar Show. He has more than a thousand (1000+) episodes and fifty million (50m) downloads under his belt, and his shows reach four hundred and fifty thousand (450k) downloads per month.


Kevin is also a writer and a business owner, and in this episode of The Free Retiree Show, he will be sharing with wealth manager Lee Michael Murphy, career advisors Sergio Patterson, and attorney Matthew McElroy his thoughts on motivation, entrepreneurship, and  the relationship between the two.


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