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S1 EP70: Back to the Office: What’s New and What We’ve Learned with Sergio Patterson

June 23, 2021



In the latter half of 2020, COVID-19 hit worldwide. With millions of people infected and many lives lost, students started remote learning, and employees were forced to work remotely.


It was a huge change for everyone and the adjustment phase was not easy. The whole family would be at home, there’s no clear line between home and work life, frustrations over endless Zoom meetings, and how to work with young kids (and pets) around. 


A year and a half since the pandemic hit, it’s time to go back to the office. The United States and other countries are slowly opening up again. After employees have become used to working remotely, getting the hang of waking up five minutes before a meeting and enjoying no commute to work whatsoever, it’s time to shift gears again and go back to “normal life”. 


But do employees want to do that? Do they want to run from building to building to attend meetings, spend hours commuting to work, and leave their pets alone at home? 


The Free Retiree Show’s Lee Michael Murphy, Sergio Patterson, and Matthew McElroy sit down in this episode to talk about getting back into the office, what's new, plus share their experiences and what they’ve learned from working from home.


Tune in to listen to a fun and informative episode on The Free Retiree Show. 


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