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S1 EPS99: Best Assets to Build Wealth & Evaluate Financial Progress with Lee Michael Murphy

January 12, 2022



For the new year, most people have financial goals that they want to achieve. Whether it be a specific savings goal, a new property to buy, and more.


But as you work towards that goal, have you ever wondered, "Well, how am I doing compared to my neighbor and my friends? Where do I rank in my overall wealth journey?"


Comparison is inevitable, but evaluating your own wealth progress compared to others is an essential part of your wealth-building journey. Why? Because it gives you the motivation to work harder or be aware if you’re buying the right assets to build wealth. 


In this week’s The Free Retiree Show episode, wealth manager Lee Michael Murphy is going to be talking about where people in different wealth classes put their assets. Whether it be people that are in the lower 10%, 20 to 30%, of the US population or where the wealthy people that are in the top 90-100% put their money, or what they are investing their money into.


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