The Free Retiree Show

The Four Key Attributes of High Achievers

August 24, 2022

We look up to high achievers. They are prepared to go above and beyond to make things happen. Do you wonder how these individuals manage to reach levels of achievement most of us just dream about ? They are in charge of the most effective teams, produce remarkable results, and are regularly promoted. You're having a hard time and wondering what you need to do differently.


These individuals undoubtedly encountered many difficulties on the road to success too. But what’s their secret to triumphing over adversity? It turns out that the mindsets and processes of high achievers are unique.  Fortunately, our potential for success is not predetermined. The ability to do more is a mindset that may be developed. 

Educator and social scientist who analyzes the characteristics of successful people, Dr. Ruth Gotian, reveals the four attributes of high achievers. Discover how these critical characteristics are necessary for accomplishing your goals! In this episode, we discuss the certain traits and outlooks that set high achievers apart from others. 


Join our hosts, career adviser Sergio Patterson and wealth manager Lee Michael Murphy in The Free Retiree Show. 


What you’ll learn from the episode: 


  • Four success factors of high achievers
  • How high achievers think differently 
  • Getting into the mindset of a top achiever can lead to success

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